Katarina Ekström

Katarina dances between the worlds of business and spirituality. She is a strategist with big visions but at the same time she knows all the details of how to make them reality. With her organizing and management skills she keeps all strings in her hands. She holds the power of creation – and destruction – applying it to her work and various areas of life.

She truly is a creator of her own life. She is ready to do the work and turn things around to reach her dreams. This queen of shadow work knows deeply what ‘intense’ process means.

Katarina is a care-taker and nurturer who is always ready to help others. She is an intuitive empath with a playful inner child who pops up often to goof off.

She is a woman on a mission, willing to move the world along to the place of wellbeing, joy, healing, cooperation and co-creation. She knows what she stands for and is ready to bring those things into daylight.


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