Welcome home to your true Self.

When we are not aligned with our true selves, we act from fear not love. We resist what is present in our reality and escape the responsibility of ourselves, others and our world. We neglect our needs and have unclear boundaries in relationships. We don’t listen to our feelings and we find it hard to forgive and let go. The individual is not to blame for this, but each one of us has an opportunity to make a change.

To reconnect to our authentic selves beyond dogmas and belief systems, we need to stop and take a deep dive inside. We need to increase our self-awareness and learn to feel and express ourselves freely and truthfully. We need to be in relation, to see and be seen, to feel and be felt. We need to align with our hearts and find the joy of being who we are. 

Joy of Being self-discovery programs are inner journeys fulfilling these needs. The programs are created by Harriet Fagerholm, a pedagogical genius and co-creative guide to the mysteries of self-awareness, self-healing and culture.

Joy of Being You

Joy of Being You is a 10-week program to discover who you are and what you can be. Connection to your authentic self is the foundation of joyful, meaningful life. The focus of the program is in learning self-knowledge, free expression, and emotional and relational intelligence.

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Joy of Purifying Grief

Joy of Purifying Grief is an 8-week program about the transformational power of purifying grief. The process leads you to let go of the past, liberate your truthful feelings and expression, reconnect to your authentic self and recognize how grieving is essential for your health.

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"This is the best course I have ever attended. Authentic, elegant, powerful.

Harriet facilitates the process of healing so that you can open to your own truth,feelings, memories and insights. You can proceed in your own pace, with a beautiful balance between inner space exploration and sharing with a partner, the witness.

You can trust that the transformation to your deeper truth will happen. Whatever you are ready to deal with will show up and you can safely explore it and release it, and find freedom for yourself and those close to you.

Grateful for this experience of rebirth!"

- Tuula Saarela, Integral Therapist, Joy of Purifying Grief participant

Joy or Being Theory model

The Joy of Being programs lean on a gentle inquiry of self in a relational space. The method is a combination of guided meditation, creative journaling and sharing with a pair and small intimate group. The method, as well as the whole Joy of Being work, has a strong theoretical foundation.

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Even ‘roller coaster’ is not enough to describe the process. It is more like a whole amusement park. There are tons of different rides so first I had to recognize which are the most important ones for me. I wondered my self-image from distorted mirrors and explored my fears in a ghost train. I visited a fast train to air my mental models and ended up in a Ferris wheel to take a look at my future from a higher perspective. The amusement park was quite an experience but when I left there I was full of joy, happiness and clarity. I knew I could keep these feelings in the swirls of the world as well.

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

Why have I always thought that I was a bad child? Have I really ever got over it? Why do I remember only my failures and negative emotions? It feels like there is nothing else left in my head. Why do I remember myself only as an annoying, stupid and harmful child? Of course I have been that but it is not the whole truth. I have been and am so much more.

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

Flying through the mountains of clarity and strength, diving through the depths of pain and suffering, rallying through the fields of freedom and confidence, walking through the flames of shame and jealousy, till the very core of your being where you find the joy and flow of life.

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

This gratitude theme is pissing me off. I should always be so f*cking grateful for everything but I am tired to write those damn same things of my life every time. I am still grateful for my family, food, friends and all that.

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

I feel like I am on a small boat drifting in the ocean. I feel like I am alone in my energy and I can’t feel others. It is just me. It is hard to see light in this situation but then sometimes there comes a light of a lighthouse. A light that reminds me that this is part of the process. A light that shows me that I am not lost but on the way. The light keeps me moving even though times are hard. Now I have to just follow it a little bit longer. Then I can shine the light within.

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

I sit in a space full of blue and pink light. From my heart, I am connected to the heights and loving Mother Earth. I am sitting in a circle with all other participants, almost 40 souls. From our hearts, we are all connected. These connections form a web to the centre of the circle. In this web, all of us are healing each other. There is an unlimited space for healing that we can provide together. Let everyone release their pain and the web will heal it. Let everyone celebrate the positive and the web will strengthen it.

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

I am the change in my family. The one who cleans my own and the intergenerational traumas and burdens, and builds a new, healthy life. While this is everything but an easy path, I carry the responsibility with pride and love. I am strong and brave when I dare to heal and make change. My heart tells me that this is the way. When time passes, we will all feel much better.

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

I hate this. All my creations. There is absolutely nothing in these. I feel like I am continuously lacking something and sounding like an idiot when I write only from one perspective. I hate every word I write to this document because it is not enough and it doesn’t represent anything I really think. I hate language and how much it is restricting me. I hate myself for being so fucking boring and not having any ideas myself and not coming up with anything of my own. At some points of my life I used to be creative and have my own ideas, and where have they all gone and why is there nothing else left but the ability to organize what others do? There is no “me” in what I am creating.

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

The dog we saw was nice and a dog hotel feels like a good idea. I would really want to have a dog or at least meet them regularly. They bring me such joy and not just for the meeting but a long time afterwards. Even it feels sad that we can’t have a dog, I realize that it doesn’t fit our everyday life yet. But now it is time to do something for having dogs in my life in a way or another. And I know you like dogs as well!

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

I forgive myself for leaving things undone because of my own process and wellbeing. I forgive myself that I am not always capable to fulfill all my promises when situations change and more important things come up. I forgive myself for not being able to stay so much in contact with other people. At the same time, I am grateful for being able to value my own wellbeing, rest and mental processes. I am grateful for being able to say no. I am grateful that I don’t force myself to do things when it is not necessary. I am grateful for being able to just be.

Creations of Joy of Being work and process

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