Harriet Fagerholm

Creator of Joy of Being & Entrepreneur in CoCreate Life Oy Ab

MsSc. International Marketing | Teacher in Vocational Education | Empowerment Coach | CCPI Co-creative Process Inquiry Facilitator | Emotional Dynamics Group Leader | Student in Dream work by Montaigne Ullman | Studies in Symboldrama therapy | 14 years as a Senior Lecturer and Pedagogical Innovator at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science
Harriet Fagerholm

Harriet is the nurturing, caring mother in both her family and community. Unconditional love drives all her actions and decisions. Her presence is healing and gentle. Helping other people is her call and she is dedicated to bringing her gifts to others in many different ways. She is a change-maker creating a new culture.

Harriet’s journey is an inspiration. She has made an incredibly deep dive inward, combating inner demons, fears and false perceptions, and is still on the journey. She shares openly about her path and truth when needed and invited. She believes in the power of self-healing and is committed to her wellbeing.

Harriet is the fountain of creativity, wisdom and intuition. She follows her heart and her passions, and listens to her innervoice and truth. She is an authentic, playful, tender and sensitive person who invites wonder and dreaming big. She loves the beauty of co-creation and is amazed by the inner beauty and creative potential of every human being.

Katarina Ekström

Entrepreneur in Communication, Marketing & Holistic Wellbeing | Master’s Student in Marketing & Business
Katarina Ekström

Katarina dances between the worlds of business and spirituality. She is a strategist with big visions but at the same time she knows all the details of how to make them reality. With her organizing and management skills she keeps all strings in her hands. She holds the power of creation – and destruction – applying it to her work and various areas of life.

She truly is a creator of her own life. She is ready to do the work and turn things around to reach her dreams. This queen of shadow work knows deeply what ‘intense’ process means.

Katarina is a care-taker and nurturer who is always ready to help others. She is an intuitive empath with a playful inner child who pops up often to goof off.

She is a woman on a mission, willing to move the world along to the place of wellbeing, joy, healing, cooperation and co-creation. She knows what she stands for and is ready to bring those things into daylight.

Joonas Ekström

Entrepreneur in Marketing & Holistic Wellbeing | Undergraduate in Marketing & Business
Joonas Ekström

Joonas is the best supporter and cheerleader you can imagine. He always finds the ways to empower others, lift their mood and make them laugh. With his positive energy he makes it possible for others to celebrate themselves and their achievements.

Joonas has talent in speaking and especially in using metaphors and examples. He is an outside-the-box idea generator with practicality and analytical thinking. His mental power is enormous. When he puts intention to something, he becomes unstoppable. With his thoughts, he can shape his reality in the matter of seconds.

He is very emotional and sensitive, and he expresses the whole spectrum of feelings authentically. He is a loyal, caring friend who is always ready to fight for his loved ones. He is a courageous adventurer with everlasting faith in life. He knows how to listen to his heart and live from its wisdom.