May all human beings

The vision of Joy of Being is based on a prayer which Harriet received in her meditation. It gives the guiding principles and values for the work.  First and foremost, the work is guided by the universal principle to be of service.

May all human beings, children and adults, have freedom to feel and express themselves truthfully. 

May all human beings act from their heart.

May all human beings restore their living connection to nature and their divine creative genius. 

May all human beings feel joy of being who they are. 

May everybody working for this goal be blessed. 

May we create a culture that aligns with these intentions. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The Joy of Being lifestyle is a way to heal the relationship to yourself. The prayer addresses the right for everyone to step into this path, no matter their background. Nobody is excluded. Everybody is invited.

Our feelings drive our actions and tell us what is valuable in life. They warn us when something is not good for us. Emotional freedom is a human right and need, and so is the ability to express ourselves. When our emotions or expression is suppressed, it causes us to feel sad and frustrated. Our spirit closes down and we lose motivation and inspiration. Our life feels meaningless. Every human being needs to find their own unique way of expressing themselves. Everybody is called to bring their part to the whole and share their creative gift.

Many of us have closed their hearts because of emotional wounding and trauma. We have isolated ourselves from others and we project our wounding on the outside world. We have closed our ability to love. Healing our hearts is the most important thing to focus on so that our actions are stemming from love, not fear.

We are nature. It teaches us about life and inspires our creativity. Nature helps us to find our own creative geniuses and make them serve humanity and our world.

To be able to feel the joy of being who we are, we need to know ourselves. We need to go within to find our true selves and our purpose. Joy is a recognition of love. The Joy of Being is a journey to find love inside yourself.

Aligning with the principles of the prayer requires that we are awake and willing to stay in our truth and express it. We need to create time for going within and sharing with others. We learn and practice these skills in the Joy of Being programs and in the interactions among team members and facilitators. These principles are embedded in all activities so it can become a living embodied culture.