Harriet Fagerholm

Harriet is the nurturing, caring mother in both her family and community. Unconditional love drives all her actions and decisions. Her presence is healing and gentle. Helping other people is her call and she is dedicated to bringing her gifts to others in many different ways. She is a change-maker creating a new culture.

Harriet’s journey is an inspiration. She has made an incredibly deep dive inward, combating inner demons, fears and false perceptions, and is still on the journey. She shares openly about her path and truth when needed and invited. She believes in the power of self-healing and is committed to her wellbeing.

Harriet is the fountain of creativity, wisdom and intuition. She follows her heart and her passions, and listens to her innervoice and truth. She is an authentic, playful, tender and sensitive person who invites wonder and dreaming big. She loves the beauty of co-creation and is amazed by the inner beauty and creative potential of every human being.


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